👏 Hello.

My name is Eric Adamski. I am a software developer focused on the Web, usually fullstack and I am here to help you become a better developer.

Here are somethings I am doing that you might be interested in:


Call me

We can talk about advancing your career, what courses to take, what languages to learn, look at your CV or do some code review. It's your time.

  • 1 hour
  • No schedule
  • Ask anything you want

Pair Programming

Need an extra hand on a project, need some help with a problem, or want to learn by doing. You can program with me on whatever problem you choose.

  • 1 hour
  • Learn something new
  • Help with a difficult problem

Code review

I will go through and give a detailed review of the code of your choice. I will deliver detailed document that outlines places to improve and grow.

  • Detailed report
  • Tool suggestions
  • Achitecture suggestions

Interested in a site like this for yourself?

I would like to create a community that helps developers get paid to share and help others learn. I am collecting emails from people who are interested. Get notified when I reach 100 interested people - and get early access to the product that results.

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